The mystery of India, transforming the national sports “Mallakhamb” into a fantastic entertainment
Do you know “Indian national sports” Mallakhamb “? Mallakhamb originally began with basic training of Indian martial arts,
It was done as an exercise for making a warrior’s body. “Mala” is a warrior, “Kamba” means a pillar.

In such traditional competition, entertainment was changed to three people from India which is the birthplace of Maracambe,
“Incredible Mallakhamb” (English book) Incredible Mallakhamb. They have been studying performance from the age of 5 to 7,
I’m showing off my performance at international events and so on. Actually in India, I seem to be studying performance from age that I am an elementary school student in Japan.
The performance was done on Thursday, November 2. The main plaza 3. The weather on this day was sunny and could be said to be a great opportunity to do.
Their performances that were held in such weather were superb! Let me show it when I climb the pole.
Various poses that are extended out of the body not beat the gravity. And it makes me feel the performance is a culture reminiscent of the mystery of India.
I am interested in Indian culture somehow! Do not you feel it?

At the beginning of the performance, everyone in the audience also experienced it. When asked the audience that they “can not do that?”,
How! Energetic kids were raising their hands well! Children would also have been very interested in their performance. I became barefoot and climbed a pole.
However, I could not climb easily. Even adults will be difficult. Before performance began in earnest,
It is felt that Incredible Mallakhamb has a difficult technique.
In the interview after the performance, “I would like to expand my performance further, not only Shizuoka but all over the world.”
Look forward to the future success with power man of Ingridi Bulma Racamp which will also be shown at the premium stage World Cup division!

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