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1. In order to secure admission at any IMFC Branch Quarterly fees will have to be paid in full before commencement.

2. In addition to the Quarterly fee, ONE TIME Registration Fee of Rs. 500/- and Uniform Fee of Rs. 800/- also have to be paid. Extra Pair of Shorts/ Extra T-shirt is chargeable at Rs. 400/- each.

3. Quarterly Fee/ Registration Fee/ Uniform Fee once paid are non-refundable.

4. Student will be allowed to begin class only after all the above payments are made.

5. Fees Freeze Option: Fees can be frozen for 4 WEEKS. Parents have to give written intimation for the same 10 days in advance. Fees can be frozen only for 4 weeks – NOT MORE OR NOT LESS THAN A PERIOD OF 4 WEEKS. It is important to note that provision of Freezing Fees can be availed ONLY ONCE in a year.

6. Absentee will not be adjusted

7. Public Holiday will not be adjusted

8. A week before the end of the quarter parents will be sent one fee reminder. Thereafter late fees will be applicable as follows:

  • Late by a 1 week: Rs. 100/-
  • Late by 2 weeks: Rs. 200/-
  • Late by 3 weeks: Rs. 300/- ...and so on.

Since provision of Reminder is solely for the convenience parents, late fee will be applicable even if reminder has not been sent.

9. IMFC is equipped with well-trained coaches and premium quality equipment. We take all necessary precautions while coaching, however as pain and injury are a part and parcel of every sport, IMFC is not responsible for any injury caused to the student during the class.